Our BraveMission!

Team Braveheart’s mission is to develop and promote healthy awareness, goal setting and team building. Our ultimate goal is to motivate the world by sharing our life experiences. We encourage others to change their mindsets & do something new.


Who are we?

We are a group of men and women of all ages composed of diverse backgrounds but united by common goals, determination and many amazing leaders. Team Braveheart is a motivational/endurance team.


Are you brave?

Being brave is all about moving out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself with new experiences. Team Braveheart teaches you to overcome your fears and embrace bravery.


Be Brave!

We advise our family and friends to color outside the lines. We want them to take a risk, get off the couch and live a positive lifestyle. The movement works and in return the world becomes a braver place. We are Team Braveheart!


Brave Blog

April 15th

Bravehearts honor Boston

      Today, Team Braveheart honors Boston! We will never forget that dreadful day one year ago. The horrific actions were devastating and heartbreaking and... Read More »

April 10th

The History of Team Braveheart

    Today on the 3rd birthday of Team Braveheart I would like to share with all of you- THE HISTORY OF TEAM BRAVEHEART Friendship involves many things but, above all,... Read More »

April 4th

Day 1 of Elite Total Body Cryotherapy!

Yes, it was cold! Yes, it was euphoric! Yes, it only lasted 2 minutes!!! Today was day 1 of an amazing journey!  My first experience in the cryosauna was absolutely beautiful.  I... Read More »

April 2nd

NYC Marathon, Here I Come! Thanks to my NEW SPONSOR!

  It gives me great pleasure and honor to let everyone know that I have been accepted into the NYC Marathon.  I have never wanted to run a marathon until I was inspired by last... Read More »

April 18th

Citi Field Spartan Sprint and Photoshoot!

  Hey y'all! Phew, what a weekend. I feel like I'm just getting back to my 'normal' self after a Team Braveheart filled weekend. I have class every Saturday from 9-11:45 and 12:30-3, so... Read More »

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